About Carla and her Work.

A message from Carla at Lulu Splendor...

" I am proudly a one person show, meaning that its all me, Carla, from the start to the end of your piece. A truly personal experience that is all about unique design, quality work, great service, and a level of caring about my product that you probably wont see anywhere else. 

I use the best materials I can source for every piece I make and I don't cut corners. After operating in my field internationally for 20 years, I know what my customers want, a piece that makes them feel special, that is unique, personal and a beautiful memento of their wedding day. A treasure to love for a lifetime. That is Lulu Splendor.

A key distinction of my work is the intricate detailing and definite sparkle. These pieces are special, and are designed to be focal points for your wedding look, whether you are looking for an entire suite of dazzling jewels, or a simple accenting piece, there is a piece of Lulu that is perfect for you.

I also do custom work, so feel free to contact me at lulusplendor@gmail.com to discuss your needs.

Lulu Splendor is located in Melbourne, Australia and posts worldwide. Most of my clients are located in the USA, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands. We have serviced many other countries as well.

At this time, my pieces are only available exclusively on line from our online stores. 

I have happy customers all over the world. You can connect with me and my customers via my Facebook page, or if you would like to get in touch with a bride who has worn my pieces just let me know and I will happily link you up! "